The 10 Most Expensive Bentley Cars Ever Sold

The most expensive Bentley is the 1928 Bentley “The Bobtail,” valued at an impressive $7.5 million. This rare, vintage car showcases racing-inspired engineering and luxury features. It’s built with aircraft-grade technology for superior speed and fuel efficiency, making it a highly sought-after piece of automotive history for collectors and museums.

Are you a fan of luxury cars? Have you ever wondered how much the most expensive Bentleys have sold for? Well, in this blog post, we will be discussing the most expensive Bentleys of all time.

Bentleys are renowned for their luxurious design, exquisite craftsmanship, and powerful performance. However, some Bentleys stand out from the rest and are sold for an eye-watering price.

From limited-edition models to vintage classics, we’ll take you on a journey through the most exclusive and coveted Bentleys in the world.

Join us as we delve into the world of the most expensive Bentleys ever sold and explore what makes these cars so special. We’ll take a closer look at the unique features, design elements, and jaw-dropping prices they fetched at auctions.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a history buff, or just intrigued by luxury vehicles, this post is guaranteed to captivate your attention.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s delve into the fascinating world of the most expensive Bentleys ever sold!

Most Expensive Bentleys of All Time

Here are the 10 most expensive Bentley cars in the world:

10. Bentley Speed Six Continuation

The Bentley Speed Six Continuation is the most expensive Bentley car ever sold, with an eye-watering initial price tag of $1.8 million!

This remarkable vehicle is a continuation of one of the brand’s classic models from 1926 to 1930, and just 13 units were produced in recognition of its historic significance.

The design radiates beauty and class like a fine antique piece, but it also boasts modern features which make it a unique driving experience for any connoisseur.

This stunningly expensive roadster has been known to fetch millions at car auctions due to both its rarity and popularity among those passionate about British automotive heritage and culture.

Even though there are more luxurious variants available than this iconic model, nothing really comes close when comparing value for money – this bespoke ride is more than four times costlier than the most expensive Lexus on the market!

9. Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback by H.J. Mulliner

This classic 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback is sure to turn heads with its iconic mid-century style.

Its discrete cabin sits back against an elongated front end, complete with a tall chrome grille that makes this car stand out from other models released at the time.

With a small but luxurious interior, it’s easy to see why James Bond would be proud to drive this baby blue sedan around!

This unique vehicle is extraordinary for two reasons: firstly, as one of few left-hand vehicles available in the U.S., and secondly, its remarkable condition after over 60 years since production – making it incredibly valuable to car collectors and Bentley loyalists alike.

So valuable, in fact, that when it was put on auction recently it sold for an astonishing $1.87 million; not quite the most expensive ever paid for a Bentley car but still an impressive price tag!

8. 2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

The 2021 Bentley Mulliner Bacalar is a sight to behold, with its sleek coupe design and eye-catching pops of color accentuating its interior cabin, wheels, and cockpit.

For an automobile so beautiful, the price matches– it is one of the most expensive Bentley cars ever sold.

With only 12 limited edition vehicles available worldwide, the exclusivity of this exquisite sports car drove up the cost to $1.9 million apiece.

This extravagant sum makes it one of the most luxurious autos in today’s market – though you can expect to pay even more if you hope to own one yourself.

7. 1931 Bentley Open Tourer by Harrison

The 1931 Bentley Open Tourer by Harrison is a rare jewel from the golden age of motoring, and its electric emerald hue is a testament to the magnificence of antique automobiles.

With just five seating positions, lavish bench seats upholstered in lush green leather, and unparalleled classic aesthetics, this top-of-the-line coach-built touring car is truly one of its kind — so much so that it commanded an astonishing price tag when sold at auction in 2008 — $2.2 million!

It’s no wonder then why this stunning piece of machinery is known as the most expensive Bentley car ever sold!

What makes this 1931 Bentley so valuable?

Believe it or not, only a handful survived World War II due to many being turned into scrap metal for war efforts.

These cars were built with standard German engineering excellence combined with rigorous maintenance instructions — something that evidently paid off since this particular model achieved remarkably good condition which translated into higher value.

An investment like this may be life-altering for those looking to experience a piece of history on wheels while also cashing in on a significant resale gain potential over time.

6. 1931 Bentley 8 Litre Coupe Sportsman Gurney-Nutting

The 1931 Bentley Coupé Sportsman Gurney-Nutting is one of the most talked about and expensive Bentley cars ever sold.

This stylish hardtop was sold to an anonymous buyer in France for a whopping Є2.19 million (around $2.97 million) back in 2014, making it the priciest 1931 Bentley eight-liter coupé out there by far.

What makes this particular model so special is its meticulously maintained hardtop and modern-looking sunroof, which set this vehicle apart from other versions of similarly aged Bentleys.

Although the exact reason behind its skyrocketing price tag remains elusive, experts suggest that it could be attributed to its classic status, impeccable condition as well as well-executed restoration project – all factors that likely contributed to its remarkable value today.

5. 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback

The 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback by H.J. Mulliner holds the distinction of being the most expensive Bentley car ever sold, fetching a staggering $2.98 million at an auction in March 2022.

This particular version of this iconic car was a rare find in pristine condition with original factory specifications.

It is painted in bold navy blue and has an aura of British automotive history that sets it apart from its contemporaries.

Its impeccable condition and alluring aesthetic drew huge interest among classic car enthusiasts and collectors alike, resulting in record-breaking sales figures for the model and year.

With added features such as handbuilt Classic tools and components, a leather interior with rolled edges, an aluminum body, elegant bonnet vents, genuine chrome detailing, and more, this remarkable example attracts attention wherever it goes – no wonder it fetched close to three million dollars!

4. 1930 Bentley Speed Six Sportsman’s Saloon

This 1930 Bentley Speed Six Sportsman’s Saloon is not just any classic car. With its sweeping wheel moldings, squat rectangular passenger windows, six-liter fuel tank, and dashing Art Deco styling, it has all the makings of a villainous vehicle straight out of a silver screen masterpiece.

But the real reason this distinctive British automobile sold for an astounding $3.4 million in 2017 remains its superior fuel capacity compared to other vehicles released around the same time – double that of most Bentleys from its generation – and timelessly elegant design.

This vintage gem stands as one of the finest examples of automotive engineering and craftsmanship to ever be put up for auction, confirming it as the most expensive Bentley car ever sold!

3. 1931 Bentley Supercharged Two-Seater

The 1931 Bentley Supercharged Two-Seater has earned its place as one of the most expensive Bentley cars ever sold.

This magnificent two-seat roadster is compact and aerodynamic, with a sleek coach-built front that was designed for speed and agility.

Its classic design, superb craftsmanship, and top performance qualities have kept it in high demand since its release in 1931 – so much so that when it appeared on the auction block in 2015, it went for an astonishing $4 million.

The high price tag also reflects its rare FIA paperwork, which comes with certified evidence of its authenticity.

For these reasons, this vintage vehicle continues to reign supreme as one of the most coveted and expensive Bentleys ever sold.

2. Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin’s 1932 Bentley “Blower”

Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin’s 1932 Bentley “Blower” is famously recognized as the most expensive Bentley car to ever be sold.

This vehicle achieved international acclaim when it lapped Brooklands’ Banked Circuit at an incredible speed of around 138mph, a staggering rate that made automotive enthusiasts gasp in amazement.

The legendary British racecar driver Sir Henry “Tim” Birkins was its sole owner throughout his lifetime and after being passed through generations, this vehicle was maintained to impeccable condition before being put up for auction – which drove the bidding price up to a mindblowing $7 million in 2012, making it one of the priciest cars all time!

Though it has rightfully earned its place among car aficionados all over the world, the apex of extravagance remains with Jaguar’s most expensive model – a luxurious supercar that cost 3 times more than Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin’s 1932 Bentley.

1. 1928 Bentley “The Bobtail”

Constructed with a combination of racing-inspired engineering and luxurious touches, the 1928 Bentley “The Bobtail” is universally acknowledged as the most expensive Bentley car ever sold.

Valued at an astounding $7.5 million, this vintage vehicular masterwork provides connoisseurs of classic cars with an unprecedented opportunity to pick up a piece of automotive and racing history for their collection.

What sets The Bobtail apart from its modern-day counterparts, aside from its eye-watering price tag?

Aside from being constructed using aircraft grade technology for enhanced fuel efficiency and speed on longer tracks; it is also one of few Bentleys produced before the 1930s to have survived until the present day!

This makes it incredibly sought after by museum curators as well as avid collectors hoping to add something special to their collections.

This exceptional roadster was already impressive when released in 1928, but being a veteran of several notable races over the decades has made it even more valuable today.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable antique vehicle that speaks volumes about your good taste then this would be ideal – although don’t wait too long if you are interested considering how rare these vintage Bentleys are!

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