The 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Ohio

Columbus suburbs, seen from an airplane in clear weather.

Are you dreaming of settling down in Ohio, but worried about the high cost of living? While Ohio is known for its affordability, some cities can be surprisingly expensive.

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first apartment or a family searching for the perfect neighborhood, it’s important to know which cities will fit your budget and which ones might leave you struggling to make ends meet.

That’s where we come in.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the most expensive cities in Ohio, using a 6th-grade readability level to make sure that everyone can understand the information.

We’ll dive into the factors that contribute to the cost of living in each city, including housing, transportation, and food prices, and we’ll also take a look at the cultural opportunities and job markets in these areas.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear idea of which Ohio cities might be a good fit for your lifestyle and your wallet.

So, let’s get started and find your perfect Ohio home!

Most Expensive Places to Live in Ohio

1. Upper Arlington

Upper Arlington is a Columbus suburb that has been consistently ranked as Ohio’s most expensive city. The average house here costs around $600K, while the median household income stands at an impressive rate.

This city has top-notch schools and is close to Ohio State University, which attracts many families. Also, large corporations find a home here, contributing to its high prices.

With beautiful parks and vibrant community life, Upper Arlington offers residents an upscale living experience worth the expense. But be ready for heftier costs if you decide to settle down in this charming city!

2. Galena

Galena, a small historic town located in northeastern Ohio, is also among the pricier places to live in the state. With average home prices around $575K, living here can be costly.

Founded back in 1809, Galena boasts excellent schools and a charming downtown area that draws residents and visitors alike. Outdoor enthusiasts love its proximity to several state parks and forests for adventures outside city limits.

Although it’s expensive to live here, families and individuals searching for a peaceful small-town atmosphere will find Galena an ideal place to put down roots while enjoying many perks of modern life.

3. Dublin

Dublin, another expensive city in Ohio, has a cost of living 21% higher than the national average. Home prices hover around $550K, and two-bedroom apartments rent for roughly $1.6K per month.

Beyond housing, utilities and transportation costs are more pricey than usual. Despite these expenses, Dublin offers an exceptional quality of life with excellent schools, beautiful parks, and top-notch recreational facilities.

The city is home to several corporate headquarters like Nationwide Insurance and Cardinal Health that bring well-paying jobs to the area. Living in Dublin might be costly but can be worth it considering its attractive features and a strong economy.

4. Powell

Powell, situated in the Columbus metropolitan area, is another expensive place to live in Ohio. With average home prices above $531K and monthly rent around $2K, it might not be easy on the wallet.

Nevertheless, Powell’s top-rated schools and low crime rates make it a sought-after location for families. Its proximity to prestigious private schools adds to the costs but also increases its desirability as a place to live.

Although housing expenses are high, many people love living here for the safe neighborhoods and sense of community that come with residing in this charming city near both Columbus and Cleveland.

5. Aurora

Aurora stands among Ohio’s pricier cities, with a cost of living 26% higher than the national average. The median home price is about $384K, and the median rent sits at $1.5K per month.

Residents in Aurora spend more on housing ($5.9K annually) and transportation ($4.8K annually) compared to other places in the US. Even utility, healthcare, and food costs are above average here.

Yet, many people choose Aurora for its excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and easy access to major cities like Cleveland and Akron – all within roughly 30 miles away.

Thus, though expensive to live in Aurora, it remains an attractive place for families seeking top-quality education and a welcoming community atmosphere close to city life’s conveniences.

6. Mason

Mason is known for its high cost of the living and competitive housing market. With rent prices soaring, securing an affordable place might be challenging.

The job market presents another hurdle: wages are generally low compared to living costs. However, Mason has some advantages making it a desirable place to live.

It features excellent schools and various activities and amenities tailored for families. Contributing factors to Mason’s expensiveness include its robust economy attracting high-income workers and a tight housing market propelling both rent and purchasing prices upward.

7. Willoughby Hills

Willoughby Hills is considered one of the most expensive places to live in the state. Median home prices reach around $522K, and the median rent is approximately $1.6K per month.

This high cost of living is partly due to its proximity to Cleveland and top-tier schools in the area. On top of that, Willoughby Hills has an array of amenities and a low crime rate, making it attractive for families seeking a safe environment.

Living here might not be easy on finances, but for individuals with well-paying jobs or those who prioritize education and safety above all else, this city can be worth the investment.

8. Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights is a small town in Ohio that has an average home price of $522K and a median household income of around $150K. This city’s allure lies in its excellent schools, close proximity to downtown Columbus, and breathtaking views.

However, the limited housing options might pose a challenge for those looking to relocate here. Grandview Heights’ expensiveness can be attributed to its closeness to Columbus – one of the Midwest’s costliest cities – and the presence of high-rated schools that drive up housing prices.

With numerous parks, shops, and restaurants adding value to residents’ lives, Grandview Heights remains an attractive yet pricey option for those considering living in Ohio.

9. Beachwood

Beachwood is an affluent suburb near Cleveland and is famous for its upscale homes and luxurious amenities. The average home price in this area stands at around $457K, while residents enjoy a household income nearly double the state’s average.

Beachwood takes pride in its top-rated schools, including the highly-regarded Beachwood High School. Besides education, residents have access to shopping centers, restaurants, and parks perfect for family outings.

A combination of high living costs and a competitive housing market contributes to making Beachwood expensive; however, its ideal location and attractive offerings make it a sought-after place for those willing to pay the premium.

10. Westerville

Westerville is a Columbus suburb that has consistently ranked as one of Ohio’s best places to live thanks to its top-notch schools, low crime rate, and green spaces.

However, these perks come with a price tag: Westerville is among the most expensive cities in the state with an average home price of $424K.

While housing prices might be challenging for some budgets, many find that the city’s strong sense of community and excellent public amenities make it worth considering when choosing a place to live in Ohio.

With its outstanding schools and family-friendly environment, Westerville remains a popular destination for those seeking high-quality living despite higher-than-average costs.

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