The 10 Most Expensive New Balance Shoes on The Market

The most expensive New Balance shoe is the M992 Sneaker, designed in collaboration with Joe Freshgood’s brand, costing around $3,000. These stylish sneakers feature eye-catching colors like red, brown, white, and pink. Made from top-quality materials such as rubber, suede, polyester, and leather detailing, they ensure durability and comfort.

When it comes to athletic footwear, New Balance is a brand that has long been associated with quality, comfort, and durability. However, the brand is also known for its high-end shoes that can cost a pretty penny.

If you’re someone who’s looking to invest in a pair of high-end sneakers, you might be wondering what the most expensive New Balance shoes are and what makes them worth the investment.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 most expensive New Balance shoes on the market today. We’ll explore the features that make them stand out from the rest of the brand’s offerings and discuss the benefits of investing in a premium pair of athletic shoes.

Whether you’re a serious athlete looking to take your performance to the next level or just someone who appreciates high-quality footwear, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in and discover what makes these pricey New Balance shoes worth the investment.

Most Expensive New Balance Shoes You Can Buy

Here are the 10 most expensive New Balance shoes available on the market:

10. New Balance 550 Multicolor

New Balance 550 Multicolor Sneakers are a trendy and costly pair of shoes designed in collaboration with Aime Leon Dore. They were inspired by International Friendship Through Basketball and have become famous worldwide for their excellent design.

These sneakers combine various colors like white, green, and yellow which create an attractive look. You can find different logos and logo patches on the shoe body which add to its charm.

Made from materials like mesh, textile, leather, rubber, and fabric, they’re strong and long-lasting. Even though these sneakers are awesome to wear for years, their price is high too – around $1120!

9. New Balance v Casablanca 327

New Balance v Casablanca 327 Sneakers are a unique and pricey pair of shoes designed after the famous movie Casablanca. New Balance used the movie’s concept to create these stylish sneakers.

They have many colors and interesting features like a logo on the left side, a logo patch at the tongue, a round toe, lace-up front fastening, branded heels, and more.

The sole of the shoe is made from rubber while leather and suede cover the outside part. These sneakers are not only eye-catching but also quite costly.

In fact, they rank among New Balance’s most expensive shoes with a price tag of about $1300!

8. New Balance Bodega

New Balance Bodega Sneakers are a fancy and high-priced pair of shoes that have become very popular among shoe lovers. They’re designed with various color combinations, including grey, purple, white, and blue.

This stylish footwear has lots of features like a flat heel, lace-up front fastening, round toe, and color block design that make them look great. Since they’re in high demand, these sneakers can be hard to find in stores or online.

Top-quality materials were used to create the New Balance Bodega Sneakers for durability and comfort. Be ready to spend quite a bit if you want them because the price is around $1400!

7. New Balance 992 Jjjjound

New Balance M992 JJJJound Sneakers are a fancy and expensive pair of shoes that were launched in 2020. They were made with the help of a Montreal-based design studio called JJJJound, and together they created several shoe models.

This particular edition is very elegant due to its color combination and logos from both brands. The main body color is green, but it has navy blue details and white fastening laces too.

These sneakers are made from top-quality materials like rubber, polyester, and suede, which makes them long-lasting. Since they have so many great qualities, their price is high as well – about $1450!

These stylish sneakers are worth the investment for those who love fashionable footwear.

6. New Balance Purple X Stray Rats 990

New Balance Purple X Stray Rats 990 Sneakers are a stylish and pricey shoe made in collaboration between New Balance and Stray Rats. These sneakers have many excellent features that make them stand out from the crowd.

They come in a mix of colors like purple, green, grey, and white which gives them an attractive look. The shoes also have Stray Rats logo patch along with the iconic “N” sign on the sides.

Other details include a round toe, smooth panel detail, and front lace-up fastening for a perfect fit. With rubber soles and outer layers made from fabric and suede materials, these sneakers promise high-quality durability. However, be prepared to pay nearly $1600 for this amazing pair of shoes!

5. New Balance 990V2

New Balance 990V2 Sneakers are popular and high-priced shoes, created by New Balance and Aime Leon Deox in 2019. They have made other great sneakers together too.

This pair has top-quality materials like dark green suede on the middle part, grey suede on the toe cap and heel, blue suede overlays, yellow outlines, and white soles.

You can see both companies’ logo patches on the shoe body. These stylish sneakers are not only nice to look at but also built to last a long time. The price of these amazing sneakers is over $2000 which makes them one of the most expensive pairs from New Balance.

4. New Balance 997

New Balance 997 Sneakers are a beautiful and expensive pair of shoes made through the teamwork of New Balance and Comme Des Garcons. These sneakers have become highly sought-after due to their amazing features and design.

They come in a clean black color with grey-hued outlines which make them very attractive. Made from leather and rubber materials, these sneakers also display logos and logo patches from both brands around the body.

The shoes include a round toe, lace-up fastening, branded insole, and rubber sole for comfort while walking or running. If you wish to own this stunning pair of New Balance 997 Sneakers, be prepared to spend a large sum of money as their price reaches almost $2400!

3. New Balance X Packer

New Balance X Packer Sneakers are the third most expensive pair on the list, designed as a collaboration between New Balance and Packer. Based on the famous 992 models, they come with several unique features that make them stand out.

The sneakers have a mix of colors including yellow, white, brown, and pink which gives them an elegant appearance. On both sides of the shoes, you’ll find embroidered logos from each brand.

The sneakers also have contrasting panel details, round toe, and front lace-up fastening for a perfect fit. Made from high-end materials like mesh, rubber, fabric, and suede, these shoes offer excellent quality and durability. Be ready to spend more than $2400 if you want to own this luxurious pair of sneakers!

2. New Balance X Wtap

New Balance X Wtap Sneakers are the second most expensive shoes from New Balance, and they’re highly sought-after by shoe enthusiasts.

These sneakers have an outstanding design with a color combination of grey, green, white, and ash that makes them look very stylish.

The quality of these sneakers is impressive as well. They’re made from materials like polyamide, rubber, and suede for long-lasting wear. The beauty of these shoes doesn’t come cheap though; their price tag reaches more than $3000!

1. New Balance M992

New Balance M992 Sneakers hold the title of the most expensive pair of shoes from New Balance. These unique sneakers were created in collaboration with Joe Freshgood’s brand, Don’t Be Mad, and are inspired by the 992’s Anatomy of a Heart design. They have many impressive features that make them stand out.

The color combination includes red, brown, white, and pink shades which give the sneakers an eye-catching appearance. Made from high-quality materials like rubber, suede, polyester, and leather detailing, these shoes offer durability and comfort.

Although they’re stunning and well-made, their price is quite extravagant as well. To own this amazing pair of New Balance M992 Sneakers be prepared to spend up to $3000 or even more!

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