The 10 Most Expensive Places to Live in Texas

According to a recent study, the most expensive places in Texas include Fair Oaks Ranch, College Station, Bastrop, Prairie View, Marble Falls, Addison, and Fredericksburg. Factors contributing to the high cost of living in these cities include housing, transportation, taxes, and proximity to major employers and universities.

Are you thinking about moving to Texas? Well, before you start packing your bags, you should know that some cities in Lone Star State are more expensive to live in than others.

In this blog post, we will explore the most expensive places to live in Texas, giving you a better understanding of what to expect in terms of the cost of living.

Living in a city with a high cost of living can be challenging, especially if you’re on a tight budget. It’s crucial to understand the expenses associated with living in a particular city to make informed decisions about your finances.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the most expensive cities in Texas and what makes them so pricey.

Whether you’re relocating to Texas for a job or simply seeking a change of scenery, this blog post will be your ultimate guide to the most expensive cities in the state.

So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the world of expensive living in Texas!

Most Expensive Cities to Live in Texas

1. Fair Oaks Ranch

Fair Oaks Ranch is a beautiful city in Texas, with parts in Bexar, Comal, and Kendall counties. It’s famous for its picturesque scenery and top-notch homes, making it one of the upscale places in the state.

Home prices can range from $474,200 to an impressive $5 million! Despite the high cost of living, many wealthy families prefer this area because it’s safe and has excellent schools.

With its low crime rate and high-quality amenities, it’s no wonder Fair Oaks Ranch attracts people who want the best for their families. The city also has upscale shops and restaurants that make it an attractive place to call home.

2. College Station

College Station is a well-known city in Texas, mainly because it’s home to Texas A&M University, one of the state’s largest and most prestigious schools.

This fact contributes to the high demand for housing and an increased cost of living. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,090, while a two-bedroom apartment has a median rent of $1,390.

On average, all-size apartments have a rent of $1,252. Even though College Station is more expensive than Houston and Austin, many students and families enjoy living here due to its excellent education opportunities.

The city also has higher costs for things like groceries (18% more than the national average) and transportation since many students rely on public transit or ride-sharing services to get around town.

3. Bastrop

Bastrop, Texas, is known for being one of the more expensive places to live in the state. The cost of living here is 1.5% higher than the national average, with housing being a primary factor.

In Bastrop, the median rent for an apartment is $1,280, which is quite a bit above the national average of $949. Even though it’s costly to live in Bastrop, many people still choose this city because it has a lower poverty rate (11.2%) compared to other areas in Texas.

The public education system in Bastrop includes six elementary schools and one middle school, offering quality education for growing families. However, residents must also deal with a relatively high sales tax rate that adds to their expenses.

4. Prairie View

Prairie View, Texas, is located in Waller County and is considered one of the most expensive places to live in the state. This city is in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, which is among the priciest metropolitan areas in the country.

Prairie View has many large employers, including Fortune 500 companies that offer high-paying jobs. Due to these factors, there’s a high demand for housing, causing rental property and home ownership prices to rise significantly.

One more reason for Prairie View’s high cost of living is its tax rate. Although Texas doesn’t have an income tax, property taxes here are among the highest nationwide. This situation puts a strain on residents’ budgets as they allocate more of their income toward taxes.

On the other hand, the limited public transportation options force residents to use personal vehicles, contributing further to their monthly expenses.

5. Marble Falls

Marble Falls is a charming city in Texas, known for being one of the more expensive places to live. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment can range from $530 to $1,764, and the median home price is over $380,146.

Several factors contribute to the high cost of living here. First, Marble Falls is located in a lovely area with fantastic scenery and lots of outdoor activities, leading to higher property prices.

The town also boasts a low crime rate and exceptional schools, making it an attractive place for families seeking a safe environment for their children.

Marble Falls is home to various businesses and industries that offer well-paying jobs, which influences the cost of living in this quaint community. Despite these expenses, many residents believe that the town’s unique qualities make it worth every penny.

6. Addison

Addison is a small city in Texas, found within the bustling Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. This area has seen rapid growth, making Addison an expensive place to live.

With a median household income of over $75,235, it’s clear that many residents here have well-paying jobs. However, housing costs can be steep, with the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment reaching over $1,500.

This vibrant city draws people in with its top-rated schools and countless amenities. In fact, Addison boasts more than 170 restaurants, numerous hotels, and endless shopping options. Being part of the thriving Dallas-Fort Worth region also contributes to the high cost of living here.

7. Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg is an expensive place to live in Texas due to several factors. This charming town has a cost of living index of 101.1, which is higher than the state’s average of 93.9.

The median home value here is $497,601, and the median rent price reaches $1,450. Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg boasts stunning natural beauty and plenty of recreational activities that attract people to its picturesque surroundings.

Another reason for Fredericksburg’s high cost of living is its proximity to major employers like the University of Texas at Austin and large healthcare providers.

These employers provide competitive salaries, attracting workers from across the nation. Additionally, being close to San Antonio and Austin means that more people want to live in this charming city, driving up housing prices and other living expenses.

8. San Marcos

San Marcos, Texas, is a lovely city known for its stunning natural attractions. With a cost of living index of 100.1, it’s slightly higher than the national average.

The median home price in this area is $391,725, and the median rent price is $1,350. San Marcos sits between two big Texas cities, Austin and San Antonio, making it an attractive spot for people seeking the best of both worlds.

This location creates a high demand for housing in San Marcos. Moreover, the city has significant employers like Texas State University, H-E-B, and New Braunfels Utilities that offer good salaries but also contribute to the high cost of living.

San Marcos provides many parks and recreational facilities along with a thriving art scene that appeals to families and professionals alike.

9. Bee Cave

Bee Cave is a beautiful suburb of Austin, Texas, with a population of around 6,778 people. It’s known for its high cost of living, as the median household income here is more than double the national average, and the median home value exceeds $1 million.

Bee Cave’s proximity to booming Austin plays a significant role in driving up housing prices due to the city’s thriving tech industry.

This scenic area offers mild weather and plenty of outdoor activities that make it an attractive place to live. Top-notch schools, including two highly-ranked private institutions, add to Bee Cave’s appeal.

Although there are many luxury homes in this suburb, more affordable apartments and condos have become increasingly difficult to find for middle-class families.

10. Webster

Webster, Texas, is one of the state’s most expensive places to live, with a cost of living that’s 34% higher than the national average. This city is located in Harris County and has a median home value of $379,065. Webster’s median rent price is also high at $1,650 per month.

One main reason for these expenses is that Webster is a suburb of Houston, offering a small-town atmosphere close to big-city amenities.

Big employers like NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory call Webster home, providing well-paying jobs to residents. The high salaries offered by these companies contribute to the area’s increased cost of living.

Although property taxes are relatively low here, residents must still rely on other income sources to cover their expenses.

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