The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal’s food scene is not only rich in diversity but also in luxury. The city is home to some of the most expensive restaurants in the country, each with its unique ambiance and exquisite cuisine.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through Montreal’s most expensive restaurants, showcasing what makes each one a unique dining experience.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to innovative fusion cuisine, Montreal’s expensive dining establishments cater to a range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a romantic atmosphere or a view of the city’s skyline, there is a restaurant to suit every occasion.

So join us as we explore the city’s most opulent dining destinations, where exceptional food and impeccable service come at a price.

Most Expensive Restaurants in Montreal

Here are the 10 fancy restaurants in Montreal.

1. Joe Beef

Joe Beef is an awesome restaurant you can find in the Little Burgundy neighborhood of Montreal. They serve tasty Canadian and French cuisine that the owners call “Bocusian-Lyonnaise cuisine du marché (French market cuisine).”

Joe Beef first opened its doors on September 19, 2005. This popular spot can seat up to 75 people at a time and they take reservations for groups of six or fewer.

Remember to dress nice because their dress code is business casual or formal! Many people say Joe Beef is one of the best places in Montreal because of its mouth-watering food and friendly service. If you get a chance to visit, don’t miss out on this amazing dining experience!

2. Maison Boulud

Maison Boulud is a fancy French restaurant inside the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. This place serves yummy French cuisine and has a beautiful view of the iconic garden.

What’s cool about Maison Boulud is they use local products, have a terrace, and even an all-year-round greenhouse! It’s open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

The executive chef, Romain Cagnat, created a modern menu with fresh ingredients that everybody loves. Even though people in Montreal can be skeptical of famous chefs, they really enjoy Maison Boulud!

You’ll find locals and visitors enjoying their meals together at this posh spot. With outstanding service and an amazing atmosphere, it’s no wonder folks keep coming back for more!

3. Chez Sophie Montreal

Chez Sophie is a fantastic restaurant in Montreal, Quebec, where you can enjoy fine dining with creative and yummy dishes. The chef is super talented and the wine list is quite impressive.

Located in Griffintown, Montreal-Southwest, they even offer outdoor seating and takeout options! To secure your spot at this popular spot, you can make reservations online.

Customers rave about Chez Sophie’s excellent food, service, and atmosphere. Many people say it’s one of the best spots in Montreal with top-notch service and a classy crowd.

When you visit Chez Sophie, you’ll be treated to their amazing gastronomic table d’hôte menu along with wine recommendations from the sommelier. Trust me; you’ll want to try this unforgettable dining experience for yourself!

4. Toqué

Toqué is a fantastic restaurant in Montreal at 950 Avenue Beaumont. This spot is known for its real French cuisine and has a reputation as one of the city’s best dining experiences! They use local, seasonal ingredients to make their delicious dishes, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all who visit.

Toqué gets high ratings on review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Their prix fixe menu may be pricey, but it’s definitely worth it! They also have an amazing tasting menu that you should try out when you’re there. Fans love their tasty cocktails and wine pairings too!

This welcoming place is perfect for groups or special events. If you want to reserve a table for 10 or more people, just give them a call!

In case Open Table says they’re full on your chosen date, try calling the restaurant directly to check availability at the bar or be added to their waiting list. Toqué is truly an unforgettable dining experience in Montreal!

5. Jérôme Ferrer Europea

Jérôme Ferrer Europea is a famous restaurant in Montreal, that every food lover should visit. This place offers a unique dining experience where you can explore the best of Canadian cuisine.

Chef Jérôme Ferrer gets his inspiration from First Nations spices, sweet maple sap from Quebec, and other local ingredients to make mouth-watering dishes.

The dining room at Jérôme Ferrer Europea has an ultra-modern design that transports you into a fun and creative world. The menu features surprising dishes like foie gras with candied lemon peel, crab claw, Sockeye salmon, bison and beef from Alberta!

6. Le Club Chasse et Pêche

Le Club Chasse et Pêche is a fancy restaurant in Montreal, where you can enjoy French, seafood, and continental cuisine. The professional and friendly service makes eating here even better!

This place is open for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday between 6:00 pm and 10:30 pm. To reserve a table, just give them a call at (514) 861-1112.

Chef Claude Pelletier and maître d’ Hubert Marsolais opened Le Club Chasse et Pêche back in 2007. The retro vibe comes from the comfy leather armchairs, low ceilings, and modern photos on the walls. You’ll find delicious meat and fish dishes on their menu like arctic char with black rice or duck magret with foie gras!

Ranked as No. 24 on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list in 2021, this classy spot may have high prices but it’s worth it for the amazing food and wine selection. Make sure to check out Le Club Chasse et Pêche when you’re in Montreal!

7. Rib ‘N Reef Steakhouse

Rib ‘N Reef Steakhouse is an incredible place to eat in the heart of Montreal. This top-notch steakhouse has been serving amazing dry-aged USDA prime beef and fresh seafood for more than 56 years!

Known as one of the best dining spots in town, their menu is full of tasty dishes like oven-baked oysters Rockefeller, grilled octopus with red onions, and sesame-crusted pan-seared tuna steak.

The fancy setting and traditional service at Rib ‘N Reef Steakhouse make it a perfect spot to enjoy a night out with family, friends, or your special someone.

They’re open Monday through Wednesday from 11:30 am to 11 pm, Thursday to Saturday from 11:30 am to midnight, and Sunday from 4:30 pm to 11 pm. You can even reserve your table through OpenTable!

8. Graziella

Graziella is a lovely restaurant in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It serves modern Italian cuisine and has an open kitchen where you can watch Chef Graziella Battista and her team make your dishes!

Open for lunch and dinner, you can stop by Tuesday to Friday from 12 pm to 2 pm for lunch, or Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm to 9 pm for dinner.

Some people on TripAdvisor had mixed reviews of Graziella, but many others enjoyed the food and atmosphere. On the website, Chef Graziella shares her love for authentic cooking and memories of making meals with her mom as a kid.

The site also introduces you to their friendly staff like Grand Wine Master Pierre Jullien and Maître d’ Alexandre Gagnon.

9. Le Mousso

Le Mousso is a fancy restaurant located in Montreal, Quebec, known for its mind-blowing tasting menu. For $250 per person, you get to enjoy 12 courses that change with the seasons and are made from seasonal ingredients.

You can also choose a wine pairing for $125. People say it’s one of the top restaurants in town! In 2018, Le Mousso moved to a bigger place with an earthy and modern vibe.

It even has murals by famous artist Jean-Paul Mousseau on display. Everyone needs to be there at 6:30 pm sharp and dinner lasts until about 10 pm.

This classy restaurant is expensive but totally worth it if you want tasty food and great service! Just make sure to book your reservation ahead of time because they fill up fast!

10. Queue de Cheval

Last weekend, I visited Queue de Cheval, an upscale steakhouse in Montreal. This fancy restaurant is known for its high-quality steaks and exquisite seafood dishes.

The moment I walked in, I was impressed by the elegant ambiance and exceptional service from their friendly staff. While dining there, I tried their mouthwatering filet mignon – it was cooked to perfection!

The fresh seafood platter was also a delight for my taste buds. Although the prices are on the higher side, the outstanding food and experience make it worth every penny.

If you want to treat yourself to a delicious meal in a luxurious setting, Queue de Cheval is worth considering for your next night out in Montreal.

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