The 10 Most Expensive Skechers on The Market

The most expensive Skechers shoe is the Go Run Speed Freek Intense, priced at $205. These stylish sneakers have top features like Hyper Burst cushioning for support and Goodyear performance outsoles for flexibility. Made from quality materials, they offer comfort, durability, and a trendy look.

Skechers, a well-known shoe brand, offers a range of affordable and comfortable footwear for everyday use. However, did you know that some Skechers shoes can cost a fortune?

That’s right – there are Skechers shoes that are priced at a premium due to their unique features and limited availability. As a reader, you may be curious about which Skechers shoes are the most expensive and what makes them so special.

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of the most expensive Skechers shoes and explore the reasons behind their high price tags. We will also take a closer look at the materials used in these shoes, their design elements, and the target market for these exclusive styles.

By the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of the factors that contribute to the price of Skechers shoes and why some people are willing to pay top dollar for them.

Let’s discover the high-end Skechers shoes together!

Most Expensive Skechers Money Can Buy

10. Skechers Go Walk Workouk Walker

Skechers Go Walk Workout Walker sneakers are designed with advanced features and are available at a reasonable price of $130. These ultra-motion shoes cater to those seeking comfort and support during physical activities.

The Arch Fit insole system offers responsive arch support that’s removable and adjustable, while the Hyper Burst cushioning midsole and Goodyear performance outsole ensure breathability.

Carbon-infused materials and Breeze Tech design panels make these sneakers highly comfortable to wear. Beautiful detailing on Skechers’ logos, colorful underlays, and lace-up fronts add an appealing touch.

9. Skechers Go Run Razor

Skechers Go Run Razor sneakers, priced at $135, are an excellent choice for those seeking top-notch athletic shoes with a stylish design. These sneakers feature M-Strike technology that enhances the efficiency of each step taken.

Forefoot flex provides essential flexibility, ensuring a comfortable and versatile experience during various activities. The use of mono mesh and polyester materials in these shoes ensures durability and breathability.

With Hyper Burst cushioning midsole and removable insole paired with a Goodyear performance outsole, Skechers Go Run Razor sneakers offer not only comfort but also long-lasting wear.

8. Skechers Go Run Golf Pro 5 Legacy

The Skechers Go Run Golf Pro 5 Legacy sneakers, priced at $135, offer numerous features designed to make your golf game as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

These shoes come with an Ultra Flight cushioning midsole and a high-quality Resamax cushioned insole for excellent comfort on the course. A waterproof lace-up fastening ensures protection from various elements while playing.

Made primarily of leather, these shoes are built to last, providing both durability and style. The dynamic traction plate offers flexibility and grip for optimal performance during golf games.

Customizable Softspikes Stealth Pin system adds versatility to these amazing sneakers that cater to the needs of passionate golfers everywhere!

7. Skechers Razor Excess and Razor Excess 2

Skechers Razor Excess and Razor Excess 2 sneakers, priced between $135 and $140, offer unique models suitable for both men and women.

The Razor Excess edition features a Hyper Burst midsole, Goodyear performance outsole, and a Hyper Arch rocket bottom design. These attributes make the shoes lightweight, versatile, supportive, and durable.

On the other hand, the Razor Excess 2 version also boasts impressive specifications such as an Arch Fit insole, Hyper Burst cushioning midsole, Goodyear performance outsole, and a Hyper Arch system. These elements provide excellent flexibility, efficiency, extra comfort, and durability.

With their refined designs and outstanding features, Skechers Razor Excess series sneakers are perfect choices for those seeking stylish yet practical footwear options!

6. Skechers Treadix WP Comp Toe

Skechers Treadix WP Comp Toe boots, priced at $140, are innovative footwear options that combine style and functionality. These boots have a striking appearance, making them both fashionable and practical for various activities.

Made from high-quality leather and synthetic materials, they offer durability and longevity. Key features include an Air-cooled Memory Foam cushioned insole for comfort and a Goodyear performance outsole for stability.

The advanced technologies incorporated in these boots consist of electrical hazard safety features, waterproof surfaces, and lace-up safety toes.

5. Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Kingdom

Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Kingdom sneakers, priced at $140, are designed especially for women who value style and athletic comfort.

These shoes sport an attractive appearance with their Air-cooled Goga Mat insole and Ultra Go cushioning for optimal support. The use of synthetic materials on the upper part, foam layers, and animal-printed leather bodies enhance their unique look.

Neutral Rocker technology provides a soft toe transition that ensures breathability, comfort, and lightweight wear during various activities.

With Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Kingdom sneakers, ladies can enjoy a stunning look while experiencing excellent support during workouts or casual outings. Don’t miss out on this fantastic combination of fashion and function!

4. Skechers Midap ST Metatarsal Guard

Skechers Midap ST Metatarsal Guard boots, priced at $145, are part of the brand’s impressive collection that combines protection and style.

Outfitted with praiseworthy features, these boots cater to those seeking both comfort and safety. They come equipped with an Air-cooled Memory Foam insole for cushioning and a Rubber traction outsole for stability.

The Midap ST Metatarsal Guard boots also offer metatarsal protection, electrical hazard safety features, steel safety toe reinforcement, and puncture resistance. Made primarily from leather and foam materials, these boots boast excellent quality while ensuring longevity.

3. Skechers Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper

The Skechers Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper sneakers come in third place, priced at $155. These shoes are specially designed for golf enthusiasts who desire a dynamic gaming experience.

Some fantastic features of these shoes include a Hyper Burst midsole and a customizable Arch Fit insole for lightweight support and comfort. The high-performance Resamax cushioning and replaceable Softspikes ensure excellent grip on the course.

Waterproof protection adds to their durability, making them perfect for long-lasting wear in various weather conditions.

Made from synthetic materials and foam, the Skechers Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper sneakers guarantee an enjoyable golfing experience with style, efficiency, and support.

2. Skechers Go Run Speed Elite Hyper

Skechers Go Run Speed Elite Hyper sneakers are the second most expensive on the list, with a price range between $185 and $200. Designed for both men and women, these shoes have impressive features tailored for top performance.

The Hyper Burst cushioning midsole and Goodyear performance outsole work together to provide support, while the carbon-infused winglet plate adds efficiency in a lightweight package.

These shoes are perfect for quick turnovers during sports or everyday activities due to their comfortable fit and responsive design.

Made from high-quality materials, Skechers Go Run Speed Elite Hyper sneakers offer style, stability, durability, and long-lasting wear that’s worth every penny!

1. Skechers Go Run Speed Freek Intense

Skechers Go Run Speed Freek Intense is the most expensive pair of Skechers shoes, costing $205. These sneakers have top-notch features, making them perfect for anyone who loves stylish and high-performance footwear.

The Hyper Burst cushioning midsole provides excellent support and responsiveness, while the Goodyear performance outsole and Hyper Arc technology give flexibility and stability.

A carbon-infused winglet plate offers an efficient weight ratio, crafted from foam and athletic mono-mesh materials. With various color combinations available, these sneakers look fantastic and fashionable.

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