The 10 Most Expensive Squishmallows You Can Buy

The most expensive Squishmallow is Fania the Purple Owl, with a record-breaking sale price of $3,000. This rare and adorable plush features a dark purple body, a white belly with light purple feathers, and a sparkling pink crown on her head. Fania’s charming design and exclusivity make her highly sought-after among Squishmallow collectors.

For collectors and admirers of stuffed animals, Squishmallows have recently taken the world by storm with their unique charm and delightful aesthetic.

However, what you may not know is that some variations of these plushies have unexpectedly become rarities in the collector’s market, fetching exorbitant prices at auctions.

In this blog post, we present an overview of the most expensive Squishmallows ever sold to date. Our analysis examines a variety of factors contributing to their value such as special editions, rarity, and demand among collectors.

While some high-priced Squishmallows may come as no surprise due to their limited availability or unique features, others may be entirely unexpected.

This post aims to provide valuable insights for both Squishmallow enthusiasts and those interested in exploring the collectibles market more generally.

We invite you to join us on a fascinating journey through these cute yet surprisingly valuable stuffed toys!

Most Expensive and Rarest Squishmallows On The Market

10. Chanel the Tan Cinnamon Roll

Chanel the Tan Cinnamon Roll Squishmallow is an adorable pastry-inspired plush that instantly catches the eye.

With her light brown body mimicking a baked delight, she has a dollop of white icing on her head and a cute, heart-shaped cinnamon swirl adding to her charm.

As part of the exclusive Valentine Squad, Chanel was introduced in 2020 as a limited edition release for Valentine’s Day.

Her premium style and rarity have driven Chanel’s auction price up to around $470, making her one of the most sought-after Squishmallows available.

This plush toy truly captures both luxury and cuddliness in its design – just like its namesake perfume brand.

9. Lucille the Seal

Lucille the Seal made her grand debut in 2018 and has since become a highly prized Squishmallow. Her white body and flippers, combined with a pale grey muzzle, belly, and black facial features, make her unmistakably adorable.

According to her backstory, Lucille enjoys spending time in the water, discovering hidden treasures, and meeting new underwater creatures during her diving adventures.

As a part of the extensive Sealife Squad of 23 members, she may not be alone; however, being one of only four seals (Noah, Isis, and Lilou are the others) makes Lucille an incredibly rare find.

Auctions regularly see Lucille’s price soaring up to $550 due to her scarcity and unique charm.

8. Avery the Duck

Avery the Duck holds the distinction of being a member of both the Adventure Squad and Farm Squad, making him a versatile character in the Squishmallow universe.

His brown body is complemented by an emerald green head and a distinct white ring around his neck. Avery’s fluffy wings match his body color, while his belly sports a light tan hue. With round black eyes and a short, yellow bill, he exudes cuteness from every angle.

This popular plush comes in various sizes ranging from 2 inches to 16 inches. Avery’s bio reveals that he is a left-wingman on the Squishmallows rugby team with aspirations of becoming a coach one day.

Due to his charm and dual squad membership, it’s not uncommon for Avery to fetch up to $550 at auction events.

7. Phillipe the Frog

Phillipe the Frog is a beloved member of the Valentine Squad, showcasing his loveable nature with two pale pink sparkly hearts decorating each cheek.

Available in 8-inch and 16-inch sizes, Phillipe’s green body with a white belly makes him an endearing addition to any Squishmallow collection. His bio mentions his affinity for hopscotch and spending time with friends.

Phillipe holds a special place among collectors as he was released as a promotional Squishmallow for Valentine’s Day in 2017. Being best friends with Marco, a limited edition pink and white hedgehog from Valentine’s Day 2019, adds to Phillipe’s allure.

Due to these factors, Phillipe has become one of the rarest Squishmallows around, often fetching bids over $590 at online auctions.

6. Mariah the Tie-Dye Lamb

Mariah the Tie-Dye Lamb captivates with her delightful appearance, boasting a colorful tie-dyed body in vibrant rainbow hues. Her creamy-white face and inner ears, along with a heart-shaped pastel pink nose, further enhance her charming design.

As part of the exclusive Baby Squad, Mariah is one of the unique 8-inch Squishmallows created especially for babies and features an adorable rattle inside. Her bio shares that she enjoys horseback riding and relishes spending quality time at the stables with her pony named Bernard.

Given her striking colors and limited availability as a rare Baby Squad Squishmallow, it’s no wonder that Mariah often fetches prices north of $850 at auction events. This plush toy is both visually stunning and highly valued among collectors.

5. Blossom the Sheep

Blossom the Sheep is a remarkable Squishmallow that was born out of an exclusive partnership between Kellytoy and Justice. Released in 2018, this unique plush sports a white body with a cream-colored face and eye-catching gold fluffs.

Blossom’s hooves hold onto a little rainbow dotted with woolen clouds, adding to her charming appearance. Following the closure of Justice in 2021, Blossom’s value skyrocketed due to the fact that she will never be produced again.

Owning one of these adorable sheep has become quite prestigious among collectors, as they can expect an $850 payday if they decide to list their Blossom on auction sites. This enchanting Squishmallow remains highly sought after for its exclusivity and endearing design.

4. Ben the Teal Dino

Ben the Teal Dino is a popular Squishmallow that holds the record for fetching a staggering $1,200 at auction. His charming bio reveals that Ben is a trivia expert with vast knowledge in history, technology, pop culture, and more – truly living up to his reputation as a walking encyclopedia.

This delightful dinosaur comes in various sizes: 2″, 5″, 8″, 12″, and 16″. Ben’s blue-green body features a white belly with dark green spines running along his back.  His cheerful smile and round black eyes create an irresistible appeal that makes him such a sought-after plush toy.

The rarity of this intelligent dino combined with his adorable design ensures that owning Ben the Teal Dino remains highly coveted among Squishmallow collectors worldwide.

3. Santino the Platypus

Santino the Platypus stands out among Squishmallows due to his brown color, which is relatively uncommon in the collection. With less than 50 of the over 1,000 Squishmallows boasting a brown hue, Santino’s rarity renders him highly exclusive and valuable.

His ability to reach up to $1,500 at auction is a testament to his unique appeal. Measuring 12 inches tall, this heartwarming character has a light brown body, dark brown bill, and white belly.

Santino’s bio discloses that he makes excellent blueberry pancakes – truly a kitchen maestro – while also being passionate about soccer with dreams of becoming a professional goalkeeper.

The combination of Santino’s exceptional design and engaging story makes him one of the most sought-after Squishmallows on the market today.

2. Jack the Black Cat

Jack the Black Cat holds the esteemed title of being the rarest Squishmallow and has gained considerable fame since debuting in 2020. As part of the Select Series, Jack was introduced as a limited-edition plush, sold exclusively through the official Squishmallows website.

Commemorating Jack’s status as the 500th Squishmallow, only 500 toys were produced, each bearing a gold heart-shaped “500” tag in their ear. Jack’s bio paints him as the strong, silent type with a feisty personality, generous spirit, and secret love for cuddles.

The exclusivity and uniqueness of this charming black cat drive auction prices well over $2,100 – something collectors should definitely take note of when adding to their Squishmallow lineup.

1. Fania the Purple Owl

Fania the Purple Owl holds an esteemed position in Squishmallow history, as she was once sold at auction for an astonishing $3,000 – making her the most expensive Squishmallow ever purchased.

This captivating character loves reading fairy tales about castles, kingdoms, and royalty while dreaming of becoming a princess herself.

Fania’s enchanting design consists of a dark purple body with prominent ear tufts and egg-shaped white patches surrounding each long-lashed eye. Her white belly is adorned with delicate light purple feathers, complemented by a glittering pink crown perched atop her head.

As one of the rarest and most valuable Squishmallows on the market, Fania offers collectors not only an adorable plush companion but also an extraordinary addition to their collection – truly worthy of its regal reputation.

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