The 10 Most Expensive Steakhouses in NYC

Old Homestead Steakhouse is the most expensive steakhouse in NYC, renowned for its superb steaks and posh atmosphere. Located on Ninth Avenue, this steakhouse serves 28-day aged meats such as porterhouse and rib eye, accompanied by an exquisite selection of cocktails and wines.

Are you a foodie looking for a luxurious dining experience in the heart of New York City? Then, you don’t want to miss this!

In this blog post, I am going to explore the most exclusive steakhouses in NYC, where you can indulge in the finest cuts of beef cooked to perfection.

These restaurants offer a unique blend of exquisite food, impeccable service, and lavish decor, making them the ultimate destination for a memorable evening out.

I have scoured the city to bring you the best of the best, where you can savor the mouth-watering flavors and textures of prime steaks paired with exceptional sides and wine selections.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about where to go, from pricing to ambiance and menu highlights.

Most Expensive Steakhouses in New York City

Here are the 10 fancy Steakhouses in New York City.

1. Old Homestead Steakhouse

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My visit to Old Homestead Steakhouse was a delightful experience! As one of the most expensive steakhouses in NYC, it’s famous for its high prices and posh setting.

Located on Ninth Avenue, it boasts top-notch meat selections aged for 28 days, like porterhouse, T-bone, and rib eye. The menu even includes an amazing choice of cocktails and wines that will surely satisfy your palate.

What makes the restaurant so costly? Well, they only use fresh seasonal ingredients from Nebraska to ensure the best flavor possible. Plus, their prime location adds to the pricing.

But believe me when I say that every penny is worth it! With more than 200 highly trained staff members dedicated to providing impeccable service, you’re sure to have a fantastic dining experience at Old Homestead Steakhouse.

2. Mastro’s Steakhouse

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I remember the fantastic night I spent at Mastro’s Steakhouse, one of NYC’s priciest yet top-rated steakhouses. Their menu was packed with the finest cuts of steak you can imagine, cooked to perfection using a special technique that retains natural juices and brings out the unique flavor.

With an impressive wine list and knowledgeable staff to help me choose the perfect pairing for my meal, it truly felt like a luxurious dining experience. The elegant atmosphere had an open kitchen, live music, and cozy tables that made it even more memorable.

While pricey due to its premium meat selection and upscale ambiance, Mastro’s Steakhouse is definitely worth splurging on for those seeking a high-quality steak dinner in New York City.

3. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

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4. Royal 35 Steakhouse

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The moment I walked into Royal 35 Steakhouse, I knew it would be a lavish experience. This elite NYC steakhouse offers not only the finest steaks but also an exquisite selection of wine and champagne.

Its elegant décor and impeccable service make it ideal for treating yourself or impressing someone special. So, what makes this place so expensive?

The answer lies in their top-tier meat cuts sourced from around the globe. Plus, diners enjoy an unmatched dining adventure provided by their professional team dedicated to perfection.

If you’re after a first-class steakhouse visit in New York City, don’t hesitate to indulge in the luxurious world of Royal 35 Steakhouse – it’s worth every penny!

5. Empire Steak House

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I had the pleasure of dining at Empire Steak House, a luxurious establishment known for some of the finest meat in NYC. The pricey menu showcased expertly cooked steaks and scrumptious sides that made my taste buds tingle with delight.

The elegant ambiance was perfect for a night out or to celebrate special occasions. A few factors contribute to their high costs, such as their prime location near Times Square and upscale menu items like dry-aged steaks and fresh seafood.

Their attentive wait staff provided an outstanding level of service, along with an extensive wine list to complement your meal. For those who can afford it, Empire Steak House offers a top-notch experience anyone in New York City shouldn’t miss!

6. Benjamin Steakhouse Prime

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My visit to Benjamin Steakhouse Prime was a truly unforgettable experience. This lavish NYC steakhouse had a menu featuring prime-grade steaks aged for at least 28 days, paired with an extensive wine list that made my dining adventure even more enjoyable.

The elegant dining room and impeccable service added to the sophisticated atmosphere of this high-priced eatery. So, what makes it so costly?

They serve only the finest cuts of beef raised on a diet free from hormones and antibiotics, ensuring tender, flavorful meat in every bite. Moreover, the dry-aging process used by Benjamin Steakhouse Prime guarantees an exceptional taste like no other.

7. American Cut Tribeca

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My time at American Cut Tribeca was nothing short of splendid! This upscale steakhouse, nestled in the heart of Tribeca, had a menu filled with delicious options such as filet mignon and porterhouse.

Their beef came from renowned providers like Pat LaFrieda and Creekstone Farms, which explains the high price. But let me tell you, it’s worth every dollar! The delicious steaks were perfectly paired with fine wines and creative craft cocktails.

What really sets American Cut Tribeca apart is its commitment to using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients for an authentic taste experience.

8. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

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When I dined at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, I quickly realized why it’s considered one of the most expensive steakhouses in NYC. The menu had an incredible selection of steaks, like the tasty Porterhouse for Two and the mouthwatering Filet Mignon Oscar Style.

Though a bit pricey, these dishes were definitely worth it! The steaks were cooked on a sizzling 500-degree grill, making each bite juicy and flavorful. Plus, their fancy wine list offered so many choices to pair with my meal.

The restaurant was always bustling with folks enjoying top-quality steak dinners in a classy atmosphere.

9. 677 Prime

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Last month I paid a visit to 677 Prime and was immediately captivated by the fancy atmosphere and stylish design. Their menu featured only top-notch steaks, hand-picked by expert chefs for a mouth-watering meal.

But be ready to spend some cash since this is one of NYC’s most expensive steakhouses! The sides were equally delectable, and their wine list had plenty of options to quench my thirst.

What stood out the most at 677 Prime was the superb service provided by knowledgeable staff who made me feel right at home. Located in a prime spot with amazing city views, this fine steakhouse offers an unforgettable dining experience that won’t disappoint!

10. TS Steakhouse at Turning Stone Resort Casino

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When I visited TS Steakhouse at Turning Stone Resort Casino, I was amazed by their incredible selection of expensive steaks. The mouth-watering menu included dry-aged prime rib and Wagyu ribeye that tasted out of this world!

This fancy restaurant is one of the priciest in NYC, with some steaks costing over $100. But trust me, it’s worth every penny! The atmosphere was perfect, decorated with dark wood paneling and elegant guests all around.

I also noticed the outstanding service provided by their attentive staff who helped make my experience unforgettable. Plus, they have an impressive wine list to complement your meal.

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