Why Are On Cloud Shoes So Expensive? 10 Reasons Why

On Cloud shoes are expensive due to their use of advanced technology, high-quality materials, and innovative designs. They offer exceptional comfort and performance for athletes and casual wearers alike. The cost also covers research and development, athlete endorsements, marketing efforts, and strict quality control measures.

If you’ve ever shopped for running shoes, you may have come across the brand On Cloud. You might have even been drawn to their sleek designs and innovative features.

But as you looked at the price tag, you couldn’t help but wonder: why are On Cloud shoes so expensive?  In my quest for answers, I discovered that On Cloud shoes are not only stylish but also feature innovative technology that sets them apart from their competitors.

They are designed with comfort and performance in mind, using advanced materials to provide cushioning and support that’s second to none.

But with so many brands offering similar features at a lower price point, why do these shoes come with such a hefty price tag? In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at all the factors that contribute to the cost of On Cloud shoes.

10 Reasons Why On Cloud Shoes Are So Expensive

1. Advanced Technology and Materials

One significant factor contributing to the high price of On Cloud shoes is their incorporation of advanced technology and materials. These shoes are designed using innovative cushioning, support systems, and cutting-edge fabrics that elevate their performance and comfort.

For instance, their patented CloudTec technology features hollow “cloud” pods on the soles that compress upon impact to provide exceptional shock absorption while still promoting a natural foot movement.

This unique design aspect not only enhances the wearer’s overall experience but also justifies the premium pricing.

Moreover, On Cloud shoes utilize lightweight yet durable materials such as engineered mesh and Helion super foam for optimal breathability and support without compromising on long-lasting quality.

2. Research and Development Costs

Another major contributor to the expensive nature of On Cloud shoes is the extensive research and development costs behind perfecting their innovative designs.

The company invests a significant amount of time, money, and effort into understanding the needs of athletes and casual runners alike.

This commitment to innovation is exemplified in their ongoing collaborations with engineers, designers, and biomechanics experts who tirelessly work toward creating groundbreaking solutions for improved performance.

For instance, On Cloud’s proprietary Speedboard technology—a thin yet responsive plate integrated into the midsole—was developed after years of rigorous testing to optimize energy return during running. This high level of investment translates into a higher retail price for On Cloud shoes.

3. High-Quality Design and Construction

A considerable amount of meticulous work goes into designing every aspect of these shoes, ensuring that they provide maximum comfort, support, and durability.

The attention to detail is evident in features like the seamless upper design, which minimizes friction points and potential sources of irritation for a more enjoyable running experience.

An excellent example of their high-quality construction is On Cloud’s precision-molded cushioning system that involves individually molding each “cloud” pod with accuracy to achieve an ideal balance between softness and responsiveness.

This level of craftsmanship requires exceptional skill, knowledge, and time investment from the company’s designers and engineers who are passionate about producing only the best products for their customers.

Therefore, it becomes evident that the higher price tag reflects not only material costs but also labor-intensive production methods associated with delivering such premium footwear.

4. Patented and Licensed Sole Designs

These unique sole designs provide customers with exclusive benefits and a competitive edge that they cannot find in other brands. By securing patents for their innovative ideas, On Cloud ensures that they maintain an advantage in the market while also protecting their intellectual property.

One notable example of this is On Cloud’s original CloudTec technology, which features a series of hollow “cloud” pods on the shoe soles for outstanding cushioning and impact protection. This invention has been widely acclaimed for effectively reducing stress on joints during running or walking activities.

The development, patent acquisition, and licensing processes associated with such ground-breaking technologies can be costly endeavors; hence it is reasonable to expect these expenses to be reflected in the final retail price of these exceptional shoes.

5. Premium Comfort Features

These features cater to the specific needs of athletes and casual runners alike, providing an unparalleled level of support and cushioning throughout various activities.

Understanding the importance of a comfortable fit, On Cloud invests in innovative solutions designed to enhance user experience.

Take, for example, their unique adaptive heel design: this feature ensures a secure and customized fit by molding to the wearer’s foot shape, effectively reducing friction and potential blisters.

Additionally, On Cloud employs breathable materials like engineered mesh uppers that promote air circulation around the feet while maintaining structural support.

These luxurious comfort features not only improve overall performance but also demand meticulous construction techniques and quality materials, both of which are reflected in the higher cost of On Cloud shoes.

6. Exclusive Collaborations and Limited Editions

By partnering with renowned designers, celebrities, or influential figures within the sports industry, the brand creates unique and highly sought-after footwear that appeals to a wide range of customers.

These special-edition shoes often include distinctive design elements, custom colors, and exclusive features that are not available in regular product lines.

For example, On Cloud collaborated with tennis star Roger Federer to create The ROGER Centre Court shoe – a stylish yet high-performance sneaker combining Swiss engineering with Federer’s on-court experience.

Such collaborations not only generate excitement among consumers but also signify craftsmanship excellence and exclusivity.

With increased demand coupled with limited availability, these collaborative efforts result in higher prices for On Cloud shoes as they further solidify the brand’s reputation for delivering exceptional products while staying at the forefront of current trends.

7. Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion Expenses

To establish itself as a leading brand in the competitive athletic footwear industry, On Cloud continually invests in strategic promotional campaigns designed to capture customer attention and showcase its innovative products.

For instance, sponsoring professional athletes like marathon runner Chris Thompson and triathlete Nicola Spirig helps promote the brand’s visibility on an international level while simultaneously providing these elite performers with cutting-edge footwear.

These endorsements not only create a strong association between On Cloud shoes and exceptional performance but also come at significant costs. Moreover, advertisements through various media channels such as print, online, and television further drive up marketing expenses.

These necessary investments are reflected in the retail pricing of On Cloud shoes to maintain profitability while sustaining growth within this highly competitive market segment.

8. Professional Athlete Endorsements

Professional athlete endorsements play a significant role in the high price of On Cloud shoes, as securing the support of renowned athletes requires substantial investment.

These endorsements help build credibility and trust in the brand’s performance capabilities while simultaneously increasing visibility among consumers who aspire to emulate their sports heroes.

On Cloud has successfully formed partnerships with numerous accomplished athletes, such as marathon runner like Matt Hanson and triathlete Flora Duffy.

When these elite performers compete wearing On Cloud shoes, they showcase the product’s potential for facilitating top-level performance across various disciplines.

Featuring these well-known athletes in advertising campaigns can significantly boost brand recognition and affinity. However, partnering with prominent figures comes with substantial associated costs.

9. Quality Control Measures

To ensure that customers receive footwear that meets the brand’s exceptional standards, On Cloud implements rigorous testing procedures and inspection protocols throughout their production process.

Examples of these measures include meticulous design evaluations, in-depth material testing for durability and functionality, and comprehensive performance assessments simulating various running conditions.

By carrying out such exhaustive evaluations, On Cloud guarantees that every shoe they produce delivers top-tier performance while upholding customer expectations for quality.

These thorough quality control practices come at significant costs by requiring additional resources, time investment, and specialized expertise from skilled professionals.

10. Long-Lasting Durability

The brand is committed to designing footwear that withstands the test of time, providing customers with reliable products that perform consistently through intensive training sessions and casual users alike.

Durability is achieved by incorporating materials known for their resilience and strength, as well as advanced construction techniques.

For example, On Cloud employs Helion superfoam in many of its shoe models—a revolutionary material recognized for its ability to maintain cushioning properties under various temperature conditions while offering exceptional abrasion resistance.

The emphasis on durability signifies not only a commitment to customer satisfaction but also an environmentally conscious approach by promoting product longevity—factors both appreciated by consumers and reflected in the premium pricing of On Cloud shoes.

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