Why Is RealReal Shipping So Expensive? 10 Reasons Why

RealReal shipping is expensive due to the cost of handling luxury items, using eco-friendly packaging, partnering with reputable carriers, and offering expedited options. Their focus on ensuring the safe delivery of valuable goods demands additional security measures and insurance coverage. International shipments add complexity to the process.

RealReal is known for its luxury consignment items, but some customers have been put off by the steep shipping fees associated with their purchases.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the reasons behind The RealReal’s expensive shipping costs, and explore some potential solutions for customers who want to save money on their orders.

From the high cost of handling and packaging luxury items to the fees charged by shipping carriers, we’ll break down the factors that contribute to The RealReal’s shipping fees.

Whether it’s taking advantage of free shipping promotions, bundling items to save on fees, or opting for slower shipping methods, we’ll provide you with actionable strategies for getting the most out of your luxury consignment shopping experience.

If you’re a savvy shopper who wants to save money without sacrificing quality, this blog post is for you.

Let’s dive in!

10 Reasons Why RealReal Shipping Is So Expensive

1. High Cost of Handling and Packaging Luxury Items

The high cost of handling and packaging luxury items is a primary factor contributing to RealReal’s expensive shipping fees. Luxury consignment stores like RealReal deal with designer fashion, pre-owned luxury goods, and high-value items that require special attention during the preparation for shipping.

Such products often need custom packaging materials designed to protect delicate fabrics, intricate designs, or valuable accessories from potential damage while in transit.

Moreover, these packaging supplies should also reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical shipping practices. This involves using eco-friendly materials that are both strong enough to secure luxury goods during transportation and can be easily recycled afterward.

2. Fees Charged by Shipping Carriers

Luxury consignment stores and online shopping platforms dealing with high-value items such as designer fashion and pre-owned luxury goods need to rely on reputable shipping carriers that can guarantee the safe delivery of their products.

These carriers often have specialized services for handling delicate or valuable items, including dedicated security measures, tailored insurance coverage, and expedited shipping options.

As these services come with an additional cost, retailers like RealReal must factor them into their shipping fees to cover the expenses involved in ensuring a seamless delivery experience for customers.

3. Focus on Sustainability and Ethical Shipping Practices

As a luxury consignment retailer, the company takes great care in minimizing its environmental impact and ensuring that it adheres to socially responsible standards throughout the entire process.

This includes using eco-friendly packaging materials, partnering with shipping carriers that implement green initiatives, and promoting circular fashion by extending the life cycle of pre-owned items.

By choosing sustainable options, RealReal may incur additional costs compared to more conventional alternatives.

4. Need for Additional Insurance on High-Value Items

Luxury consignment stores like RealReal deal with designer fashion, pre-owned luxury goods, and items that often carry significant monetary value.

To safeguard these products during transit, it becomes crucial to acquire sufficient insurance coverage protecting both the retailer and the customer in case of any potential loss or damage.

Since standard shipping insurance may not fully cover the actual value of luxury goods, retailers are compelled to invest in supplementary coverage options.

This added expense is incorporated into the shipping costs as a means to ensure product protection and provide customers with peace of mind knowing their valuable purchases are secure throughout the delivery process.

5. Complexity of Shipping Items Internationally

As an online platform and luxury consignment store, RealReal caters to a global clientele interested in purchasing designer fashion and pre-owned luxury goods.

International shipments involve various additional steps compared to domestic deliveries, including customs clearance procedures, export documentation, adherence to import regulations, and taxes or duties levied by recipient countries.

These factors not only increase the time taken for delivery but also add extra costs associated with regulatory compliance and handling fees imposed by international shipping carriers.

Moreover, ensuring quality control amid these complexities demands higher investments in security measures during transit.

6. Use of Specialized Shipping Services for Delicate or Oversized Items

Luxury consignment stores often handle a diverse range of products, including fragile accessories, large artworks, and delicate designer fashion pieces that demand particular care during transportation.

To ensure these items reach the customers in perfect condition, RealReal must rely on shipping carriers offering tailored solutions specifically designed for such unique requirements.

These specialized services may include custom crates, climate-controlled transport conditions, and handling by experienced professionals with expertise in managing luxury goods.

7. Cost of Expedited Shipping Options

As a luxury consignment store dealing with designer fashion and pre-owned luxury items, RealReal understands that some customers may require their purchases to be delivered swiftly due to time-sensitive occasions or personal preferences.

To cater to these needs, the platform offers expedited shipping services that guarantee faster delivery times compared to standard methods.

Providing such speedy transportation involves engaging premium shipping carriers equipped to handle high-value items in a secure and efficient manner. These carriers often charge higher fees for prioritizing packages and ensuring on-time deliveries.

8. Need for Additional Security Measures for Luxury Items

When dealing with designer fashion, pre-owned luxury goods, and valuable products, it is crucial to ensure their safety during transportation.

Luxury consignment stores like RealReal must invest in robust security protocols that protect these items from potential theft or damage while they are being shipped.

Such security measures may include tamper-evident packaging materials, GPS tracking systems on packages, secured delivery facilities, and partnering with reputable shipping carriers known for their stringent safety policies.

9. Cost of Returns and Exchanges

When customers purchase pre-owned items from luxury consignment stores, they expect top-quality products with an accurate representation of their condition.

Occasionally, some customers may be dissatisfied with their purchase or find the need to exchange it for another product. To maintain customer satisfaction and adhere to return policies, RealReal bears the expense associated with return shipping and processing.

These costs include packaging materials, postage fees, security measures during transportation, as well as quality control checks upon receiving the returned item.

10. Extensive Quality Control and Authenticity Checks

RealReal’s extensive quality control and authenticity checks contribute to the high shipping fees. The company specializes in luxury consignment, handling designer fashion items, pre-owned luxury goods, and high-value products.

To maintain trust with their clientele and uphold ethical standards, RealReal employs rigorous inspection processes that involve professional authenticators examining each item for signs of wear, authenticity markers, and overall condition.

These thorough evaluations ensure that only genuine pieces are sold through their online shopping platform or consignment stores.

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