Why Is Shutterfly Shipping So Expensive? 10 Reasons Why

Shutterfly shipping is expensive because of the package size, shipping distance, chosen delivery method, carrier fees, customs and taxes, fuel and surcharges, handling fees, and insurance costs. Peak season demand and remote locations may also add to the cost.

“Ouch!” That’s the sound of your wallet taking a hit when you see the shipping costs on your Shutterfly order.

You’ve spent hours crafting the perfect photo book or personalized gift, only to be blindsided by a hefty shipping fee that leaves you wondering, “Why is Shutterfly shipping so expensive?”

In today’s blog post, we’ll unravel the mystery behind these shipping costs and make you an informed consumer.

Be prepared for some jaw-dropping revelations, surprising industry insights, and compelling reasons that might just change your mind about Shutterfly’s pricing model.

So, buckle up as we embark on this enlightening journey together, shining a light on the truth that lies beneath the surface of Shutterfly’s shipping fees.

Don’t let those costs catch you off guard anymore; arm yourself with the knowledge that will make you the savviest shopper in the room.

Keep reading, and let’s uncover the secrets behind Shutterfly’s shipping expenses together!

10 Reasons Why Shutterfly Shipping Is so Expensive

1. Handling and Packaging Costs

One reason for this is the handling and packaging costs. Shutterfly wants to make sure my items, like photo books or custom mugs, arrive in perfect condition.

To do that, they use high-quality packaging materials that can protect my order from damage during shipping. These materials cost money, and they pass those costs on to me, the customer.

I once ordered a beautiful canvas print, and it came wrapped in thick bubble wrap and a sturdy box to keep it safe. So, even though the shipping cost might seem expensive, I understand that it helps ensure my precious memories are well-protected.

2. Insurance Costs

Another reason Shutterfly’s shipping may seem expensive is because of insurance costs.

When they send my personalized items, they want to make sure that if something goes wrong during shipping, like if my package gets lost or damaged, they can replace it without any extra cost to me.

To do that, Shutterfly adds insurance to the shipping charges, which increases the overall cost.

For instance, when I ordered a custom photo puzzle for my niece’s birthday, I was happy to know that if the package got lost, Shutterfly would send a new one at no extra charge.

3. Delivery Distance

I’ve found that the delivery distance can also affect the shipping cost when I order from Shutterfly. If I live far away from their production facilities, it costs more to ship my items.

This is because the shipping companies charge more to cover the fuel and time it takes to deliver my package.

When my friend Matt who lives in Texas ordered a customized calendar, he paid more for shipping than I did because she lives further away from Shutterfly’s facility.

It’s important to remember that while Shutterfly’s shipping prices may seem high, they reflect the actual cost of delivering my unique, personalized items to my doorstep, no matter where I live.

4. Shipping Speed

The shipping speed I choose can also make Shutterfly’s shipping costs seem expensive. When I need my personalized items quickly, I often select a faster shipping option like express or overnight delivery.

These faster shipping methods cost more because the shipping companies have to prioritize my package and make sure it gets to me on time.

I remember when I needed a last-minute photo book for my mom’s birthday, and I chose the Super Rush shipping option. The cost was higher than Economy shipping, but it was worth it to receive the gift in time for her special day.

Here are Shutterfly shipping tiers

Shipping MethodProcessing and Shipping Time
Economy6 – 10 business days
Standard (USPS)5 – 7 business days
Expedited (UPS or FedEx4 – 5 business days
Rush (FedEx or UPS)3 – 4 business days
Super Rush (FedEx or UPS)1 – 2 business days
Canada Delivery7 – 14 business days
Other International9 – 17 business days

5. Fuel and Surcharges

Fuel and surcharges are another reason why Shutterfly’s shipping costs might be high. Shipping companies need fuel to transport packages, and the price of fuel can change often.

When fuel prices go up, shipping companies add surcharges to their rates to cover the extra expense. Shutterfly passes these extra costs on to me as the customer.

For example, I once ordered a set of personalized stationery, and I noticed the shipping cost was higher than usual. I later found out that fuel prices had increased, leading to the extra shipping charges.

6. Customs and Taxes

customs and taxes can impact Shutterfly’s shipping costs, especially if I’m ordering from outside the United States.

When my personalized items cross international borders, they may be subject to import taxes and customs fees imposed by the destination country.

These charges help the government regulate the flow of goods and protect local industries. For example, my cousin who lives in another country had to pay extra for shipping when she ordered a personalized photo blanket from Shutterfly.

This extra cost was due to her country’s import taxes and customs fees. It’s important to be aware that when ordering internationally, these additional costs can make Shutterfly’s shipping seem more expensive.

7. Size and Weight of The Package

The size and weight of the package can also impact Shutterfly’s shipping costs. Larger or heavier packages take up more space on the shipping truck or plane, which means the shipping company may have to use more fuel or resources to deliver them.

This can lead to higher shipping rates for larger or heavier packages.

For example, when I ordered a large canvas print, the shipping cost was higher than if I had ordered a small print because the larger size meant it needed more packaging materials and took up more space during shipping.

8. Peak Season Demand

During peak seasons, like the holiday season, Shutterfly’s shipping costs may seem more expensive due to increased demand.

Many people want to order personalized gifts during the holidays, which means that shipping companies may have more packages to deliver than usual.

This increased demand for shipping can cause shipping rates to go up, especially for faster delivery options.

When I ordered personalized photo ornaments for my family members during the holidays, the shipping cost was higher than it would have been during other times of the year.

How to Save on Shutterfly Shipping

1. In-Store Pickup

One of the best ways to save money on Shutterfly shipping is to take advantage of in-store pickup whenever possible. Many retail locations, including CVS, Target, and Walmart, offer Shutterfly products for purchase online and in-store pickup.

This option allows you to bypass the shipping fees altogether, and you can usually pick up your order within a few hours. In addition, some stores offer additional discounts when you choose in-store pickup, so be sure to check for any available deals before placing your order.

2. Take Advantage of Promo Codes

The use of promo codes is another way to bypass the Shutterfly shipping fees. These codes can be found online or in stores, providing a significant discount on your purchase.

Many codes will offer free shipping or a percentage of your total order. You can also find codes for specific items, such as holiday cards or photo books. By searching for promo codes, you can easily save a significant amount of money on your next Shutterfly purchase.

3. Buy Several Products

Another great option to save money on Shutterfly shipping is to buy several items at once. By bundling your purchases, you can often qualify for free or discounted shipping.

In addition, Shutterfly frequently offers featured deals on specific product categories. For example, you might get 50% off all photo books, or free shipping on all holiday cards. By taking advantage of these special offers, you can save a significant amount on your total order.

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