The 10 Wealthiest Cities in Ohio According to Census Data

Are you on the hunt for the richest places in Ohio? Perhaps you’re seeking a city with excellent schools, a thriving job market, and a safe community. If so, you’ll want to know which Ohio cities are the wealthiest.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the most affluent cities in Ohio. We’ll explore factors like average income, housing costs, and local economies to determine which cities rank highest.

You’ll get an insider’s look at what makes these cities so prosperous, including the types of industries driving the economy and the amenities that draw in residents.

Whether you’re considering a move to Ohio or simply curious about the state’s wealthiest areas, this post is your ultimate guide. We’ll help you narrow down your options and find the perfect city to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Get ready to discover the top-notch cities of Ohio – let’s get started!

The 10 Richest Places in Ohio

1. The Village of Indian Hill

The Village of Indian Hill is an affluent area in Ohio where many people enjoy a high quality of life. With a median household income of $207K, it’s among the state’s wealthiest communities.

Home to about 5,785 residents, Indian Hill boasts beautiful homes with a median value of $1.33M. One great thing about this town is its very low crime rate which makes it one of the safest places to live in Ohio and even the United States!

Besides being an upscale neighborhood, Indian Hill offers delicious restaurants and vibrant city life just an hour away by car for everyone to enjoy.

2. Independence

Independence is a thriving city in Ohio known for its wealth and family-friendly environment. With a population of 7,914, this city has an impressive median household income of $106K.

The average home value in Independence is around $270K, making it a sought-after place to live. This prosperous area is popular among celebrities and athletes who appreciate the low taxes and high quality of life it offers.

The local schools are top-notch, with more than 90% of children attending private schools nearby. Though Independence isn’t ideal for commuters since it’s far from downtown Cincinnati, it’s still one-of-a-kind in terms of opportunities and amenities.

3. Montgomery

Montgomery is a flourishing community in Ohio, known for its wealth and high standard of living. The city has a median household income of $131K, making it an upscale place to reside.

With a population of around 10,663 people, the average home value in Montgomery is about $523K. The unemployment rate is low at just 3.7%, and the poverty rate is an incredibly tiny 2.57%.

One amazing feature of this city is its excellent safety level, with crime rates much lower than state and national averages. Keep in mind that living expenses here are higher than in other parts of Ohio, so to enjoy Montgomery’s luxury comfortably, you might need an annual salary of around $165K.

4. Powell

Powell is a well-to-do city in Ohio, known for its luxurious living and exceptional schools. With a median household income of around $157K, it’s one of the state’s top-earning cities.

Housing prices in Powell are nearly three times the average Ohio home value, making it highly desirable among residents. The city is located within the excellent-rated Olentangy Local School District, attracting many families who seek high-quality education.

Besides great schools, Powell offers easy access to shopping centers, entertainment venues, and recreational areas. Food lovers will appreciate the diverse range of dining experiences available here – from traditional eateries to more unique options that cater to sophisticated tastes!

5. Pepper Pike

Pepper Pike is a thriving city in Ohio, recognized for its affluence and highly educated residents. With a population of 6,269 people, Pepper Pike boasts an impressive average household income of $191K.

A staggering 74% of residents hold at least a bachelor’s degree, making it one of the state’s smartest cities. A strong economy and low unemployment rate contribute to the high incomes seen in this area.

The city is also home to some outstanding schools; students in Pepper Pike score about 38% higher on math tests and 20% higher on reading proficiency compared to other parts of Ohio.

Living here offers high-quality opportunities in education, employment, and luxury living that make it attractive to many families.

6. Dublin

Dublin is a bustling city in Ohio known for its wealth and well-educated residents. With a lively population of around 46,499 people, the median household income in Dublin is an impressive $138K. Over half of the adults living here have at least a bachelor’s degree and 26% also hold graduate or professional degrees.

This prosperous place has many large employers such as Nationwide Insurance and Cardinal Health, providing job opportunities to locals. In addition to high incomes and education levels, Dublin offers numerous socialization and relaxation events like music concerts, dance performances, art exhibitions, culinary experiences, and sporting competitions.

One popular annual event is the Dublin Irish Festival which attracts about 100K visitors each August for live entertainment, food vendors serving Irish fare, and a fun-filled 5k run/walk!

7. Bay Village

Bay Village is a prosperous city in Ohio, with a median household income of $104K. This wealthy neighborhood is home to around 15,364 people and attracts high-income business executives, athletes, and professionals. The unemployment rate in Bay Village is just 5.5%, lower than the national average.

Housing in this beautiful area has a median home value of about $348K. The local schools are exceptional too – Bay Village’s graduation rate stands at an impressive 98%, exceeding the state average of 87%.

One notable feature of this city is its incredibly low crime rate, making it one of Northeast Ohio’s safest places to live! Along with safety and affluence, Bay Village offers a strong sense of community that residents cherish.

8. Upper Arlington

Upper Arlington is a wealthy city in Ohio with a median household income of around $124K per year. Home to approximately 35,299 people, this thriving area boasts exceptional public schools and a strong sense of community throughout its streets.

Parks are abundant here, including Northam Park and Thompson Park where residents enjoy playing sports like tennis, baseball, and basketball. The beautiful Scioto River flows through the city, offering spectacular views and exercise opportunities from bike trails alongside it.

The average commute time for Upper Arlington residents is just 21 minutes – much less than in other parts of Ohio. Plus, the crime rate is low, making it safe and secure for families.

Major companies like Nationwide Insurance and Procter & Gamble have offices nearby too! Enjoying life in Upper Arlington means access to well-paying jobs, top-notch education, and endless leisure activities.

9. Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights is an affluent city in Ohio, boasting a median income of over $101K. The community has a low unemployment rate of 5.5% and enjoys one of the shortest commute times in the state – just 18 minutes on average!

About 8,157 people call Grandview Heights home, and the education level among residents is outstanding: more than 88% hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

The suburban feel makes it popular among families who also appreciate the local parks for relaxing and playing sports. While there may not be many bars or restaurants in town, nearby attractions like Inniswoods Metro Gardens offer beautiful scenery for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a peaceful getaway.

With its highly educated population, strong job market, and exceptional quality of life, Grandview Heights is surely one of Ohio’s thriving cities worth considering when looking to settle down.

10. Macedonia

Macedonia is a booming city in Ohio, known for its wealthy residents and historic charm. With a median income of $97K, the prosperity of this city is evident. Macedonia has beautifully preserved and renovated historic homes, which contribute to the area’s real estate growth over time.

The city’s population stands at around 12,173 people, while the median home price sits at about $280K. Although these prices are higher than the national average, they’re more affordable compared to some areas in Cleveland or Akron.

In Macedonia, you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle complete with opportunities for work and leisure. With its rich history, strong economy, and appealing real estate market, it’s no wonder many families choose to call this Ohio gem their home!

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